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Reasons to avoid GitF


So, since I started rewatching S2 of #DoctorWho (for the 100th time) I’ve avoided the Girl in the Fireplace. Ever since I found out Moffat wrote it, I thought about it differently (Sorry Moffat fans, I just can’t with him…He does a great job on Sherlock but on Doctor Who I just don’t like him. I also dislike Silence in the Library and that’s one of his too…) I think there are some cute scenes in it but I always had a weird feeling about it. I never understood how the Doctor could leave Rose on that spaceship, even when the time windows were still open. I get that he was attracted to Reinette, she was pretty and all but still. I haven’t figured out what exactly it was that bothered me about this episode until just now after reading this Tumblr post from Nili.

It makes sense. I do agree with her. Maybe I agree too fast with people but I really thought there was something off about this epi…
After School Reunion it really was weird that the Doctor acted the way he did. He basically confessed to Rose that he loved her in SR and then one episode later he wants Reinette, forgetting all about Rose? Then I read Moffat didn’t even read SR before writing GitF. Excuse me WHAT NOW?! I was only just almost fangirling about the somehow cuteness of the ep three days ago but really, yesterday when I came to that episode I just couldn’t watch it, I skipped it immediately.

Anyways, thanks Nili, it’s much clearer now ;D

Hmm, perhaps you’re right about the lack of connection between episodes, but I still love GitF for few reasons. 1. it’s very funny, innocent, entertaining 2. something very important for me, it makes you wanna do research about the person portrayed in the episode. I think you can understand this because you work with kids and plus you know lot of kids, well, we know lot of kids… Today, kids are not into books, they don’t care about knowledge. They are into tv, games, gossips, world of celebrities. And if an episode can make them want to learn about one history fragment, I’m happy. 
And one more thing, I don’t think doctor left Rose just because he fall for Reinnete,  isn’t that his job, to save the day? Doesn’t he always shows up where his help is more than needed? He was meant to find himself on than ship to save history. To save Reinnete. I don’t think it has anything to do with his feelings about Rose.

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